Update: 25/06/2016
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If you’re facing tight research, development, or regulatory timelines, turn to SPRI for clinical trial acceleration. Our team is experienced in meeting our clients’ unique scheduling needs and can help you streamline the enrollment and research process, meeting your deadlines and exceeding your expectations.
At SPRI, we’ll work with you to adapt a clinical trial design to meet your research goals efficiently while maintaining the integrity of your study.
Learn more about SPRI’s clinical research acceleration capabilities:

Country Recommendation – After meeting with you to discuss your needs, our team of experts will perform a feasibility assessment and suggest countries based on your preferences, timelines, patient availability and regulatory requirements.  In addition to sharing our experience in the US, Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Turkey, Belarus, and Mexico, SPRI will provide industry leading data providing you with a facts based recommended strategy
Site Recommendation – SPRI professionals will assist in the site selection process, focusing on past performance as well as the clinical site’s level of experience with the therapeutic indication.
Enrollment – Our strategic offices in North America, Eastern Europe, and Western Asia, as well as our partners in Australia, Asia and Western Europe, enable us to expedite clinical trial recruitment and enrollment across the globe.
To expedite patient recruitment and to streamline the pre-trial process, choose comprehensive trial acceleration services from SPRI. Our established clinical site relationships, as well as our strategically located offices, allow us to meet our clients’ unique needs and strict timelines.Contact SPRI Clinical Trials today to learn more.
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