Update: 15/06/2016
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Identifying, screening and qualifying investigative sites is an ongoing challenge for every clinical study team. The more accurate the initial feasibility assessment, the more successful the study — meaning projects enrolled on-time and completed within budget. At VietStar Biomedical Research, we have achieved our enrollment goals across all our projects 98% of the time. Our feasibility and site selection services are designed to equip our clients to meet or exceed their research objectives.


When it comes to clinical trial feasibility, many CROs perform feasibility “the old fashioned way” relying on faxing and emailing and on their potential investigator’s enrollment commitment. At VIETSTAR BIOMEDICAL RESEARCH, we are leading the way using industry leading technology, including: pharmacy data, prescription records, heat maps, trial result databases and survey tools which has expanded the process to include “Big Data”. Using these tools has increased our reach and reduced turn around time by 50%.

Before proposal development or site selection, VIETSTAR BIOMEDICAL RESEARCH’s team of feasibility experts will evaluate the protocol, scientifically develop the survey and call the research center and discuss your study with the clinician. Because our feasibility experts all have clinical research and medical training, they are able to engage in a meaningful discussion, ensuring an accurate assessment regarding protocol requirements and local regulatory guidelines.

Our established relationships with investigators and clinics across five continents allow us to rapidly collect study feasibility data and determine the best fit for your clinical trial.



During our clinical feasibility study, VIETSTAR BIOMEDICAL RESEARCH will:
  • Review the clinical trial synopsis, protocol and design, along with the epidemiology of specific geographic regions, to assess whether the study is a good fit for a particular region.
  • Work with clinical sites to assess the level of interest in the protocol, as well as to identify issues that may affect recruitment, execution and/or patient retention
  • Review the competitive landscape to identify other clinical trials vying for the same or similar patient population. 
Once we have gathered clinical site information, our feasibility experts will work with the VIETSTAR BIOMEDICAL RESEARCH operations team to offer recommendations and guidance regarding: 
  • Protocol design areas that may affect protocol execution
  • Regulatory considerations
  • Logistical considerations
  • Region suggestions
  • Clinical trial site selection and projected enrollment rate.

The Feasibility Team’s expertise and knowledge in running trials and the availability of the prescription data, allows VIETSTAR BIOMEDICAL RESEARCH to develop a global strategy for enrolling our trials. Contact VIETSTAR BIOMEDICAL RESEARCH today
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